At Nova Skyland you are in the centre of the Arctic Circle, next door to the real Santa, and in a town in the middle of wilderness. 

Four Seasons

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The Nova Skyland Hotel lies in the arms of the forest. Being close to nature is the most valuable thing to us. When you step into our apartments, you’ll step into nature. We would like to share the wonder of Finland’s nature with the world. Many visit us in Lapland because of winter, however, only few know how amazing and beautiful all our other seasons are.  

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Santa Clause

Stay at the Hotel Nova Skyland in the home town of Santa Clause – next door to him. Santa is expecting you and wants to have a little chat! To remember your visit, you can purchase a photo and a video. 

Send a postcard home with a special Arctic Circle post mark at the Santa’s Main Post Office. We give our visitors an Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate. 


For centuries huskies have been people’s trusted partners in the arctic. On Nova Skyland’s husky safaris you’ll get to try driving a dog-sled or just sit back and relax. Feel the need for speed? Our dogs do. They might look a bit fierce but huskies are kind and happy dogs and they are waiting for you. Let’s ride!

A husky ride is a wonderful way to see the beautiful wintry landscapes of Rovaniemi. Cruise through the snowy woods as each corner opens a new spectacular view.